Bailey Ferguson

Bailey Ferguson is an avid surfer, snorkeler, and soon-to-be certified diver. She has been an artist-at-sea on a scientific research vessel and volunteers with a coral research lab on Hawai’i Island. These experiences deeply influence her art. With a BFA in Studio Art (2008) from the University of Denver and a BFA in Communication Design (2012) from Metropolitan State University of Denver, Bailey regularly exhibits in Hawai’i, and her work is in collections around the world.

"My abstract painting language was developed while I was displaced for 70-days during the 2018 Kilāuea eruption on Hawai`i Island," shares Bailey. "My perspective on life and art was transformed as the earth violently shifted and forced magma through its surface. This experience connected me emotionally to the climate displacement involving trauma, impermanence, loss, and ultimately, recovery. For me, the ocean was a space for healing, and specifically surfing, which was also a vehicle to gain an awareness of life below the sea surface.”

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An Ocean of Abstraction from Tiffany DeEtte Shafto on Vimeo.


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