Beau Jack Key


    Beau Jack Key has an eye for capturing those beautiful moments that connect directly to our hearts. A world class Hawaiian carver and kumu of lashing and cordage, Beau brings that same attention to detail to his photography. The lighting, color, and flow of each image are carefully constructed to transport us to these magical moments he so generously shares.

    “When I go out, camera in hand, ready to capture moments in time, I see my ancestors before me. I see the beauty they saw—and that’s what I work to capture. To tell their story, but also, it’s my story. They didn’t have the technology we have, so they wrote legends, songs, and created hulas to document it. They walked over the same landscape that I do. And while I don’t speak Hawaiian, my images are my way of speaking. With the camera, I am able to tell a story—create my hula–and share it.” – Beau Jack Imua Key

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    10 products