Sum of the Parts by Patrice Federspiel

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Original watercolor in walnut frame
36" h x 29" w

"The plant portrayed here is the White Bird of Paradise also known as the Travelers Palm. Though not technically a palm at all, it’s graceful leaves branch out in a giant fanned shape," says Patrice.

"I have tried to paint this beautiful plant before, but because of its stature, when I tried to paint it realistically, I portrayed the top alone, forgetting the trunk. Suddenly it hit me — I could paint all of the parts of the plant that I like the most — the trunk, the flower, and the leaves, in a new way. I would show you my favorite parts of the plant, each to their best advantage.

The Sum of the Parts celebrates the leaves along the side, the flowers in the middle, and the beauty of the trunk on top."

Sum of the Parts by Patrice Federspiel