Jim Powlan


Jim Powlan creates his work using traditional and archival methods while pushing the boundaries of what printmaking can do. Typically, he only prints a plate 1-4 times and each one is very different, creating one-of-a-kind works of art.

"My silk I source from Kyoto. My gold and silver leaf is hand pounded and comes from Kanazawa, Japan," shares Jim.  "I use traditional scroll mounting techniques to mount the silk onto plywood that has been painted with gesso. The etching ink I use is Charbonnel founded in France in 1862. It is the best ink in the world and will not fade. It is just pigment and linseed oil, really the same as the best oil paint but a little thinner viscosity."

He also creates amazing copper plates meant for outdoor, covered locations. The pieces are inked and painted before clear coating with a special lacquer meant for outdoor sculptures and he can create pieces up to 4' x 10'. 

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