Marlene Louchheim

Marlene Louchheim has a passion for natural, textural forms with tactile appeal, as evidenced by her ability to transform the roots of ancient and dead native ohia trees into sculptural works of art. As your eyes meander across her work, you see the natural beauty of the wood as it grew—claiming its place in the lava—and enhanced by her strategically placed bronze and copper castings. Ohia is the first tree to populate the barren lava fields, and recently has become subject to Rapid Ohia Death—a major threat to Hawaii’s forests and remaining native bird populations. A master and teacher of ikebana, Marlene became inspired by the graceful forms of the ohia roots prior to the outbreak, and has chosen to end this series. Yet through her passion and vision, she has preserved the beauty and strength of the ohia and shares it with us as a new, contemporary art form.

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