Ohia #4 by Marlene Louchheim

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Ohia wood and bronze
13" h x 52" w x 12" w

"When you pause and look, you see the beauty in everything," shares Marlene. "Living in Hawaii has given me that privilege. I feel compelled to uncover the natural beauty that begins at the core – hidden from sight – and share it. My latest work reveals the gnarled roots of the ancient Ohia trees, embraced with lava that has been embedded in these roots. The Ohia trees are found nowhere else on this earth and they are the first trees to populate the barren lava fields. These roots are dead and decaying when they come to me. My adventure begins when my hands begin to explore their individual characteristics. I uncover the uniqueness, sensuality and artistic movement in each piece."

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Ohia #4 by Marlene Louchheim