Deep, Wide, & Spacious by Patrice Federspiel

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Original watercolor with white mat and matte black frame

17.5" h x 36" w

"The Big Island of Hawaii enchants me," says Patrice Federspiel. "As soon as the plane touches down, I relax. My breath deepens and my smile widens. Hawaii Island is BIG, expansive, Deep, Wide, and Spacious.

On my last trip to Hawaii, I noticed places the lava had been cut through to create a road. There were definite spaces between the layers of lava.

Some of the spaces alongside the road might have been created years apart, others, days apart, still others formed by the flow of the molten lava as it moved quickly across plains of  previously cooled lava.

The spaces between the flows captured my attention. At the time, I wasn’t sure why, but I noticed them. Now I’m wondering if it wasn’t a signal to me to create more space, more time in my busy life and schedule.

Is it time for you to create more space in your life too? Are you creating enough spaces between your “doings” to catch your breath?"

Deep, Wide, & Spacious by Patrice Federspiel