Macadamia Buzz by Andrea Pro

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Original Woodblock Print -Edition of 50

Framed - 28" h x 23.5" w

Available unframed for $700

The Hawaiian Honeybee Series woodcut prints were commissioned by Big Island Bees to share the story of their relationship with honeybees in producing exquisite honeys from the nectar of three of Hawaii island's most nectar-rich trees. The team at Big Island Bees carefully tends to about 2,500 hives, transporting them during the various flowering seasons to the 'ohi'a forest, macadamia orchards and wilelaiki thickets to gather the nectar that is transformed in the hive into their signature honeys.

Walking through my macadamia orchard during flowering season, hearing the humming buzz of thousands of honeybees gathering nectar to deliver to their hives is one of my favorite seasonal experiences. This original woodcut print captures the muted atmosphere of the orchard with the Pueo as quiet sentinal. Pueo is the Hawaiian native owl that hunts and nests in a variety of ecosystems ranging from forests to grasslands.

The life of honeybees is depicted in the hive with the female workers attending the large queen alongside the larvae growing inside the cells. The male drone's purpose is to mate with the queen once, which ends his life. Until that fateful moment, he can often be found in the hive, but the worker bees will force him to leave if resources get low.

Macadamia Buzz by Andrea Pro