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Makai 66A by Catherine di Napoli

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Acrylic on canvas - unframed
40" h x 36" w

My five-year old, Sofia, asked me a question while we were visiting Kukio Beach, “Is the ocean a girl or a boy?”

I thought about it. In French, “la mer” is feminine and means the sea. “L’océan” is masculine for ocean.

Sofia said, “I think it’s both, a girl where it’s shallow and the water is transparent and a boy when it gets deep and darker.”

The Makai Series explores the masculine and feminine components of the ocean, the ying and the yang, positive and negative energies intermingling, the empty space between objects, the calm space before the wave... There can be no light without dark, no movement without positive and negative forces.

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Sophisticated, warm, friendly and features true art. Not the boiler-plate samples one sees in Honolulu or Kona, but beautiful varieties of truly fine art. Sculptures, carvings, blown glass, photography and paintings. An elegant display of thousands of hours of dedication.

Bill S., San Francisco, CA

This is the nicest gallery on the island featuring local and Hawaiian artists. Beautiful collection and a lovely owner who authored several books about the local artists. She is a great resource.

T.S., Los Gatos, CA