Story Stick: Women Holding Up Women by Carol Bennett

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Shellac, india ink, acrylic, oil, spray enamel, block printing ink,  & art resin on wood panel

108" h x 36" w (three sections)

The Story Sticks: by Carol Bennett 

It occurred to me that surfing, like other daily practices, is always the same yet always different. Conditions, the tide, vibe in the water, and time of day vary–actually the only thing that is consistent is the surfboard itself, and if that surfboard could talk it would have stories to tell.

This is one of my three monolithic “Story Stick” triptychs, that I made anticipating my room at the Surfing Hawaii Exhibition, at the Maui Cultural Center. 

What is unique about this story stick, is the time of day depicted is the last gasp of light after the sun has set, and it’s a girl’s club. 

My son rides a $100 Costco Wave Storm, which I used for my template, so what you see is true to size. While I used a multitude of processes and materials, I wanted the dominate hit to be graphic. I carved big linoleum blocks, and a polka dot roller, my intent was to have patterning that is reminiscent of old school Hawaiian shirts and surf posters: Tommy Bahama meets Endless Summer. These passages are black. For a subordinate white graphic, I drilled holes into industrial stencil stock, to use as mask to spray my polka dots. Starting down at the horizon line the multitude of dots emulate effervescence and negative ions coming off the water, but as they rise and dissipate they evolve to becoming the first stars of the evening sky. 

In it, you see a celebration of women supporting women and our connections. 

Story Stick: Women Holding Up Women by Carol Bennett