The Magical Wiliwili Forest by Andrea Pro

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Original Woodblock Print (edition of 20)

23" h x 32" w - unframed (20/20)

This image depicts eighteen species of trees, shrubs, birds, and insects that populate the dry forest ecosystem and will one day thrive again because of the efforts of organizations like The Waikoloa Dry Forest Initiative.

Forest species, bottom left to right and counter clockwise:
Ko'oloa'ula (hibiscus)
Awikiwiki vine
Koa Bug (on a'alii)
Koali (morning glory vine)
Pua Kala (poppy)
Iliahi Tree (sandalwood)
Eragrostis Leptophylla (lovegrass)
'Ohi'a Tree
Uhi Uhi Tree (above sandalwood)
Apapane (red bird)
Blackburn's Sphinx Moth
Amakihi (yellow bird)
Wiliwili tree
Lama Tree (leaves on left side of wiliwili)

The Magical Wiliwili Forest by Andrea Pro