Art Helps Make Your Statement

You found it! This is it! How about it? All of these fun thoughts came to mind when Michael Shewmaker shared his latest sculpture with me.

Standing at the base of "it" didn't disappoint. As a person who loves font and words, plus the aesthetic of surprise, this sculpture speaks my language. The "t" itself is 12 feet tall!

Our art collections are such reflections of ourselves––our experiences, memories, and statements. They help us feel the way we want to feel and shape the energy of our spaces. I love helping you connect with works that speak to you.

If "it" makes you smile and you're up for an adventure to the Hilo side of the island, I'm happy to take you on a private tour of Michael's sculpture garden. Sharing art with you is pure joy and I'm grateful to be able to do so.

Lately I've been playing with a new virtual art exhibit application to better share more wonderful works with you. Please take a look at Ocean Inspirations by Catherine di Napoli below. I'd love your feedback on the experience and hope you enjoy her energetic new works.

Plus, there are some fabulous new pieces in by John Strohbehn and Patrice Federspiel. John has such a way of creating lyrical lines in his work and is now introducing some gorgeous bronzes and the richness of Patrice's watercolors always delights me. Both create works that are so full bodied and intricate. I hope you enjoy!

Looking forward to seeing you again when the time is right!