Jeanne Bitz

Growing up in rural Alaska logging camps, Jeanne Bitz experienced nature in a way few of us have. Every day was an adventure—immersed in the wild, and without boundaries. It was a place of extremes and she sought to capture her experience through painting and sculpting.

Jeanne trained by traveling the US to learn from modern day masters. Many styles and media caught her attention and she worked to master each—creating an abundance of technical skills at her fingertips. But she’s not afraid to push past the boundaries and try something new when it means she’s able to create the works she’s envisioning in her head. Her process led Jeanne to become a celebrated and internationally collected painter and life-sized bronze sculptor—doing every step of the work herself from clay, to the wax mold, to pouring the molten bronze, to installing the pieces in their new homes.

A single mother of four, Jeanne dreamed of giving her children a new kind of rural upbringing. Without knowing a soul, but believing anything is possible, she moved her family to Maui in 2013.

Here she found herself immersed in an amazing community. Her work, which often combines carefully executed representational imagery with impressionism and abstract elements, continues to document her daily experience and share her passion for the people and the spirit of this place she and her family now call home.

Jeanne says, “My hope is you discover artwork that speaks to your soul. May you find adventure, peace, joy, and much Aloha in my work.”

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7 products