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 Transcendence  - A Group Show of Hawaii's Master Artists 
Exclusively for Hualalai Resort

What does transcendence mean to you?
What does it look like?
How does it make you feel?

 Those are the questions I posed to my artists and this show is the end result.

For some, it’s crossing boundaries that take them beyond their “ordinary” body of work. For others it’s something that happens in the moments that move us, like enjoying the glimmering full moon, the clouds floating in the sky, or the first break of dawn.

As you experience this show I hope you find moments that transport you, uplift you, and call you to enjoy the beauty of the works that move you. Happy New Year!

And remember, we're always happy to bring the works to your home to see how they feel and fit for you.

Book an appointment to visit our private art oasis in Hawi.

21 products

21 products