Art is a Vessel for Memories

This month marks 20 years since we first landed in the Islands–on our honeymoon. We instantly fell in love with Hawaii and the experience profoundly changed our lives. Of course, we bought a work of art to mark the occasion–the first piece in our collection together.

Do you have a similar story?

I love how art serves as a vessel for our treasured memories. Every time you gaze at the piece you're transported to that time and place in your life where it became a part of your story.

If you're up for a little art adventure, book an visit to our private art oasis. We can even set up some private studio tours.

New works are constantly coming in and you know how much I love sharing them with you. Of course, you can always shop the website which showcases all the available works.

Wishing you a joy-filled summer full of adventure and relaxation. Hopefully you're getting plenty of both!