Art Turns A House Into A Home

Home. I've been thinking a lot about it lately. Spending so much time in it makes it clear that creating an environment that makes you feel good is vital to your well-being.

Art plays a huge role in shaping a home that's a reflection of you and your personal style. There's always some aspect of the artwork you choose that connects to who you are-–your interests, passions, and values.

It has been pure joy helping you discover local works that assist in creating an environment that feels beautiful, meaningful, and connected.

This month I'm delighted to introduce to you to the works of Peter Loftus. His graphic style and way of capturing the light really makes me smile. Peter has taught at UC Santa Cruz for decades, though he now teaches plein air painting remotely from his home on the Big Island.

Mahalo again for the opportunity to help you create a home that makes you feel good and connects you to your special place!