Falling for Hawaii All Over Again

September flashed by with our monthly Collectors Reception and four fun-filled days sharing our Handmade + Ingredients show at the incomparable Four Season Resort Hualalai. Experiencing the endless blue horizon again while in Kona made me fall in love with this island even more. It's such an amazing place full of change, diversity, and beauty. Local artists can't help but be inspired by it, like our featured artist this month, Andrea Pro. I love how she shares what she learns through her work. 

I hope you're embracing the change of the seasons and if you're not here already, you have a lot to look forward to. It is truly beautifully breath-taking everywhere you look. 

Hawaii’s native environment is a key inspiration for printmaker, Andrea Pro. Through her work she documents the endemic species of the dryland forest, native birds, and now the coral of our reefs.

Join us at 6 pm to hear the inspiration behind her latest work, Coral Garden, featured above (hint, it's her vision for a thriving coral reef) and learn how Andrea's prints are made one at a time by hand and are printed on beautiful archival papers in limited editions.