Introducing Heidi Buscher

Sharing local art with you is my favorite thing to do. Together we get to experience how this special place influences artists, and how they are motivated to document its beauty for us to enjoy.

This summer I'll be introducing you to a few new artists, including this month's feature–Heidi Buscher. A local designer introduced me to her work and I love her contemporary take on figurative art, combined with story-telling.

Heidi is a fourth generation kama'aina who is moved by the mythology of the Islands–the stories and connections to the past, and how they influence us today. She dives deep into research, then her paintings emerge. Bold, colorful, and beautiful.

Looking forward to sharing more works with you in person when the time is right! In the meantime, I hope you enjoy placing art to scale on your walls directly from the website–just click the "Try in your room" button. And remember, I'm always happy to help by creating mock-ups of the art on your walls to see how they make you feel!

Wishing you a joy-filled summer full of artistic connection!