Larger Than Life with Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides

We have so much to be thankful for, including wonderful art lovers like you! The air is clear, the weather is warm, and Hawaii's master artists are busily creating. Hope you're getting ready to make wonderful memories with family and friends for the holidays!

This month's show by Kristie Fujiyama Kosmides reminds us we all go through challenging times in life, yet art has the power to help us heal.

Kristiesuffered the unexpected loss of her husband in January. He was larger than life, full of spirit and encouragement—though he was always encouraging her to paint fish. 

“Everyone loves fish. You do it so well. You should paint more fish!” he’d say. 

She resisted, spending time focusing on mastering the beauty and movement of water in her Immersed Series. Now, after a summer full of commissions recreating past works (including all the rooms at the Sheraton, Maui), and healing through the process, she felt the joy of painting again. 

A new idea bubbled up––a way of honoring George.

Her Larger Than Life series, inspired by his spirit and constant requests, is intended to be a celebration of the contribution people make in each others lives. We all have our individual gifts, but we’re better together. The pieces in her series can stand alone, or be “schooled” together. You can feel the joy in each piece and we know George would be smiling!