Luscious Landscapes

Hawaii is a land of endless beauty. Everywhere you look, its wide open spaces evoke a sense of wonder and awe. In this show you'll experience rich oil paintings that capture the light and energy of the Island.

Award-winning surfer, Christian Enns, has a unique perspective and ability to create. Appreciating the richness of Hawaii’s landscapes from the water while surfing, he often captures them in plein air at the water’s edge. And he likes to work BIG. The scale of his work, his dramatic use of color, and the richness of his compositions, have all contributed to his bold, signature style.

Witnessing the evolution of the Islands from her days as a child in Kohala, to her years on Oahu and Maui, Betty Hay Freeland has a gift for imagining and portraying images of “old Hawaii” before the arrival of man. “I have explored so many spectacular coastlines, valleys, mountains, and parts of Hawaii that are now changed and developed. Documenting Hawaii in this way has provided me a joy-filled life,” says Betty Hay.

Join us March 14th from 10 am - 12 pm for a Collectors Reception and enjoy!