Magical Art Connections

Every once in a while an affirmation reminds you there’s a reason you do what you do.

That happened for me during our latest Collectors Reception—on multiple levels.

I’d emailed to invite a collector of Andrea Pro’s woodblock prints who had been in a few times and told me about her collection. Turns out she recently moved to the island and was really looking forward to the opportunity to meet Andrea after collecting her work for 10 years.

The evening came and it was pure joy to be able to introduce Andrea to her collector. The collector brought her daughter and granddaughter along and the discussions began. Andrea asked her collector which pieces she has and learned one of them was her Wood Sheep purchased because it was her sign—turns out they are both Wood Sheep, which is the reason Andrea created it (gotta love that!).

As the discussions progressed, the 9 year old granddaughter started opening up. Her 4th grade class had recently gone to Isaacs Art Center in Waimea and she loves art. She’s fortunate to have art classes in her school and loves creating.

As her mother and I wandered back to the front room of the gallery, she came along. My husband, Tim was stationed up front to greet guests and watch the door. The little girl started taking in the art in the room and said, “At Isaacs Art Center, there was something like this with wood.”

“Yes, there is,” I said. “Allow me to introduce you to the artist,” pointing at my husband, Tim.

“Oh my gosh!” she exclaimed. “You made these? We got to pick our favorite work of art at Isaacs Art Center and draw it and I picked yours!”

Wow. Just wow. Total chicken skin. She was so excited to meet Tim and share her story. It was so darling!

And Tim was blown away. This charming little girl chose his work as her favorite. Of all the pieces in the beautiful Isaacs Art Center, his one piece there stood out to her the most and she did a drawing of it. We were all in awe of that moment!

Next she picked up a copy of Ke Ola magazine to show us an article with her and her mom doing aerial acrobatics. Pretty cool!

Then I showed her an article in the same magazine about Tim and the gallery.

As we rejoined her grandmother and Andrea, we shared the story and pointed out that Andrea’s art is on the cover of the magazine.

All of these layers of connection remind me why I do what I do. There are profound moments when art touches people’s lives. By doing this, I occasionally get the pleasure of hearing about it.

And then it got even better. The granddaughter is still so excited, she shared her watercolor version of Secret Cove by Timothy Allan Shafto. Isn’t it terrific! (Published with permission from her and her ohana.)

I love sharing the joy that art brings!