Springing into Bloom

It's the time of year when our mango, mac nut, and avocado trees are in full bloom and the buzz of honey bees fills the early morning air. The sun rises earlier. The bird song begins. It's a season that reminds us of all the good things to come and gives us a chance to pause and appreciate all that we've been through. 

As I pause and look back, I am grateful to you for a fun-filled winter season sharing art & Aloha. As I look ahead, there are some wonderful new events on the horizon–more opportunities to connect you with art you'll love. For now, here's the next bit of fun!

Spring is a time of renewal–an awakening of life and color. Moments of joy shine through as the trees bud and flowers take form. Flowers remind us of the bright spots in life and always bring a smile. 

In this month's show we explore Hawaii's blossoming landscape through Melissa Chimera's detailed oils of endemic plants, Patrice Federspiel's rich watercolors of tropical beauties, and David Reisland's unique marquetry works memorializing our favorite flowers in wood. Each piece is full of the joyful exuberance of Spring for your enjoyment.