Summer Full of Creativity

It's hard to belive summer is slipping away. Hope you've been having a good one! Ours has been full of projects. Works in progress are messy but going through the creative process leads to beautiful end results (something I have to keep reminding myself right now as we're in the messy phase).

This summer I had the pleasure of witnessing a mosaic commission for a client come to life. Mary Spears collaborated with master mosaic artist, Michael Kruzich of San Francisco, to create a grand scale whale mosaic for the entry to my client's ocean front home. Mary's painting came to life as Michael reinterpreted it in small pieces of glass and stone, creating a durable work of art that will last a lifetime. He worked from a studio space in Hawi so we were able to see the entire process along the way and it was truly extraordinary. My clients, and their designer, are thrilled with the resulting work of art.

There is a wonderful art show for you to see. Our Luscious Landscapes show is up at Hualalai Realty featuring the fabulous works of Peter Loftus. Please let me know if you'd like to see it. I'd be happy to make arrangements.

Of course there are more beautiful works to discover at the Mauna Lani–visit the lower lobby, the Sports Club Spa, and the Golf Club Bar.

Plus, you're always welcome to schedule a visit to our private art oasis or schedule a home consult. You know how much I enjoy sharing local art and helping you find just the right pieces to add to your collection. Looking forward to seeing you again when the time is right!