Summer Vibes & Mixed Masters

This year seems to be flying by–we're in the heart of summer already! It's been 22 years since we first stepped foot in the Islands (on our honeymoon) and its gone by in the blink of an eye.

When was the first time you explored Hawaii?

It's amazing how this place shapes you. We had no idea when we moved here that art would become central to our lives–but we're so grateful it has! Sharing art with you is pure joy.

Our Mixed Masters show is on now at Hualalai Realty, featuring the works of Mary Spears and Timothy Allan Shafto. What do Mary & Tim have in common–besides a profound love of this incredible place we are fortunate enough to call home? 

Innovative techniques. Mixed materials. And a quest for mastery.

Take a close look at Mary’s innovative collages using hand-painted papers, which she then tears up to create images of our tropical paradise. Appreciate the exceptional beauty of Hawaiian koa wood, sanded to perfection, in original works of art by Timothy Allan Shafto. It's a fun show, sure to delight the eye.

There's also a great, new, Contemporary Art Talk Story video with Peter Loftus that I'm delighted to share below and I hope you enjoy. His landscapes are truly amazing and so is his story!

Mahalo again for your business and appreciation of Hawaii’s master artists. You make a positive difference in our community! Looking forward to seeing you again when the time is right.