Timothy Allan Shafto's Latest Works

It's hard to believe it's February already. Yet it's another sunny, gorgeous day in paradise and this month I'm inviting you to  a special solo show for my Valentine, Timothy Allan Shafto

We began as art collectors and had no idea when we married that Tim would become an artist or that I’d own a gallery. Some of our favorite pieces in our collection are Valentine’s Day gifts to one another so this month we’re celebrating love, the joy of creating, and the joy of collecting. We are so grateful for this journey and the opportunity to share it with you.

The show explores the diversity of Tim's latest mixed-media works incorporating Hawaiian koa wood, mango wood, or sand with resin colorflow painting to create landscapes and abstracts that honor the natural elements. Please join us on Saturday, February 8th from 10 am - 12 pm for our special Collectors Reception and RSVP today!

Wishing you a joy-filled 2020 and hope to see you soon!