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Did you know there’s a new color of blue? 

YInMn Blue is the first new blue pigment discovered in more than 200 years. The discovery was made by happy accident at the Oregon State University in 2009 and was licensed for artists paints in the US just last year. 

Eager to share the story of this vibrant new blue and its properties, I asked each of my artists to create works in their own style celebrating this new color and this show is the result. Video content coming soon, but if you'd like to learn more about YInMn Blue, here's a great TED talk from Professor Mas Subramanian.

All works are available for purchase with 10% of the proceeds going to benefit the Hualalai Ohana Foundation.

If you can't make it into Hualalai Realty in person, check out our virtual exhibit and all the artworks below. 

And remember, we're always happy to bring the works to your home to see how they feel and fit for you.

Book an appointment to visit our private art oasis in Hawi.


20 products

20 products