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Inner Reservoir by Patrice Federspiel

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Original watercolor - unframed

30" h x 11.5" w

"Behold the trunk of a Traveler’s Palm, also known as the White Bird of Paradise, or by its scientific name, Ravenala," shares Patrice. "The paddle-shaped leaves of this plant form a large fan as the plant grows.

The lore is that the leaves funnel water down into the trunk, creating a reservoir of water for drier times to come. It’s said that if you’re traveling and feeling parched, tap into the trunk to find water.

Whether or not the lore is true, we all have an inner reservoir of strength. Also known as resilience, we simply need to remember its presence and call upon it in times of need. May this image remind you of your own vast stores of inner resilience."

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Sophisticated, warm, friendly and features true art. Not the boiler-plate samples one sees in Honolulu or Kona, but beautiful varieties of truly fine art. Sculptures, carvings, blown glass, photography and paintings. An elegant display of thousands of hours of dedication.

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This is the nicest gallery on the island featuring local and Hawaiian artists. Beautiful collection and a lovely owner who authored several books about the local artists. She is a great resource.

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