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Outrigger Series: Mauna a Wakea & the Fisherman by Heidi Buscher

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Acrylic and gold leaf on canvas 

40” h x 64” w

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"Transcendence happens in those moments that move us," shares Heidi. "Sometimes the moments are small and seemingly insignificant, like the light moving across the water as the sky shifts with color each dawn. Transcendence  happens when we are there — present in the moment — part of the light and the shifting sky - one with the world as it holds us, unfolding into the new day.

This work celebrates the sun rising in the east behind Mauna Wakea. The vantage point is from the deep waters off Kawaihae beach and fishing village before the harbor was built."

By Pualani Kanahele (chanted before sunrise)
ala e
Ka la i kahikina
I ka moana
Ka moana hohonu Pi’i ka lewa
Ka lewa nu’u
I kahikina
Aia ka la.
E ala e!
E Ala E

The sun in the east From the ocean
The ocean deep Climbing (to) the heaven The heaven highest In the east
There is the sun Awaken!

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